Monday, 28 January 2008

Project 365: Week 4

A round up of Week 4, in pics:

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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Lovely Posh Yarn

Here is the lovey Posh Yarn; Laura in Pot Pourri. I have no idea what I shall do with it. It's 4-ply, and amounts to 1300ish yds. I thought I might have a go at some lace in shawl form, but to be honest, the wool is so lovely it deserves to be made into something that I would wear much more often. I can't decide if pretty tank top would work or not. Would it?

Posh Yarn Laura in Pot Pourri IMG_0761

Coming Unspun

My second attempt at spinning, this time at home, on my own. I didn't get very far. It looked like this:

IMG_0538 IMG_0539

And when I let go...


Back to class for me.

Friday, 25 January 2008


Here is a glimpse of some of that new yarn I mentioned. It's hand-dyed Chunky Peruvian Highland Wool from Violet Green, and it's lovely! This is the scarlet, balled up ready to be made into a Fidget.

Red Ball

I have a skein each of scarlet, blue velvet, and aubergine (I was expecting dark purpley, but really it's black - however it's still so nice I'm not complaining!), and they are all destined for the same thing. The Fidget is my one-skein project of choice for the year of the thirties, which for me and my old school friends, is this one. Eek. And so I am knitting four. It's a very quick and easy knit, especially with chunky yarn.

And I'm quite taken with the twisted moss stitch. Well, I am now that I've worked it out! On her pattern, Robin Dodge requests that followers try everything they can to fathom the stitch out themselves before mithering her about it, and who can blame her!? I first went to see the tutorial video on (where it is referred to as k-b, for knit one below), but well, it didn't really do it for me. I was inserting the right needle upwards through the purl bump of the stitch below rather than right through the stitch to the other side, and then getting into a mess. In the end I found a diagram on, for knit one below in Fishermans Rib, showing the needle poking right through the stitch to the other side of the work, and it twigged.

Twisted Moss stitch

The first one was knit in Rowan Country superchunky, which is beautiful but, as roving, easily breaks while knitting. It also curled itself up into a tube, despite being in moss stitch. When I wet it to block, I realised that this one will have to be worn only in dry conditions... it stinks... I thought of wet sheep, but others mentionned dettol. I have been advised to leave it outside to air, and I will. It's OK when dry, but hmmm, I'm not sure I'd want it round my neck in the rain.

Anyway, here they are, and the wonderful skeins from Violet Green:

Violet Green Chunky IMG_0753 Fidget 2

Monday, 21 January 2008

Project 365: Week 3

I haven't even had time to squeeze in a normal post this week, and I find it's time to put the next lot of photos up! There has been knitting, mostly scarfy, and happy deliveries from Violet Green and Posh Yarn, but more on that later. For now, the Week 3 pics:

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I've had to start carrying the camera around in a plastic bag after it came a cropper in a rain-sodden rucksack. It seemed to survive the ordeal, but I'd better not risk it again. More sunshine please.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Project 365: Week 2

It's great to look back over the week's photos and remember all of the things I have done. I'd forgotten about half of them already! I am completely unable to take only one photo, and if I carry on at this rate my computer will be stuffed with pictures very soon. And of course then I find myself agonising over which ones to choose for Project 365. On whim today I have chosen these:

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Saturday, 12 January 2008

My First Spin

Today I joined the Ceredigion Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, and spun my very first... well, not quite skein, not really even a bobbin in fact.... spinnings!? And here is the result:

If you look really really carefully you might see some very neat thread that my teacher Rita spun to demonstrate, underneath all of that tangly stuff that I covered it with. I don't care though, tangly or no, I spun it, and I shall be proud! I have already forgotten all the right words to use to describe it. I've borrowed the Guild wheel too; it's sitting in the corner of the bedroom (where Dog won't be able to chew its legs) and I am armed with a bag of Welsh mule fleece, an old pair of carders and what looks like a dog comb, but is apparently in fact a worsted comb. I must make sure I have a go tomorrow before I entirely forget what to do. It will be a very special day if I ever get to wear this stuff, in any form!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Project 365

I decided to join Ravelry's Project 365! Coincidentally I found I had at least one picture from every day of 2008 so far, and so that seemed like an auspicious start, so I might as well carry on if I can. I'm not promising great masterpieces of photography, but I think this will make me notice what's going on around me a bit more, and that can only be a good thing. I will try and post the photos weekly, and so here we are, with the first lot:

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Flash Flooding

More terrible weather. Well, I might as well conform to national stereotype and moan about it! Wind and hail leaving us with a haildrift:

A great high tide, high-wind, large swell combo. The barriers were entirely washed from the prom, and I held my breath as a car tried to drive through this, hovering near the phone just in case...

And a walk to work that left me so soggy I had to tip the water from my bag into the sink when I arrived, and spread out all my paperwork on the floor to dry! These are the steps onto campus turned into a waterfall. I'd already sloshed through water over my ankles as the floods were over the kerb and the pavement was trying its hand at being a riverbed.

I think the flood only lasted half an hour or so, which is almost exactly the time it takes to walk to the office. Perfect timing eh?

Monday, 7 January 2008

The Fry Up

Tapas is wonderful, but a fry up has its own beauty too:

And was enough to get me out on a walk, and give me enough energy to brave the woodland warnings:

Although in the end the forest creatures turned out not to be all that scary, and were easily won over with a cup of tea.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

UltraComida; Before and After

Ultracomida, we love you. I was diverted from my quest for a fry-up on wet windy Friday due to seemingly Aberystwyth-wide cafe-closure. Just as well, because fry-up was thus substituted for tea and tapas Ultracomida-style, where I easily (and promptly) transformed this:

Into this:

And then bought a load of delicious cheese in the deli on the way out to prolong the experience, and take a little slice of Ultracomida home. My favourite is a hard smoky goats cheese made in Wales somewhere, whose name I can never remember, and have to describe every time I go in, which makes me feel like a bit of an idiot, but the staff kindly humour me. Delicious.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

A Crafty New Year

Happy New Year to All! The bustle of all the celebrations has finally died down; everyone I know has kicked off the last vestiges of family stress/flu/vomiting bug/whatever else has been plaguing them, and I feel like we're all ready to start this whole new year. And because fluey-party-non-attendees have left me with food aplenty leftover, what better way to begin than by having all the neighbours over to drink gin and tonic and help me eat an enormous christmas pudding?The last couple of days have seemed rather subdued after the seasonal shenanigans, which has been good as I've been able to get round to a few jobs that have been waiting for a while. No sooner were the last of the christmas cards made and sent out....

...than I realised I was going to need some thank you cards to follow them. Arghhh. Ensuing chaos today with poster paints and potatoes in the production of some rather less sophisticated SpudPrints. OK so they're not high art. Now I realise why kids paintings look like they do - it's really difficult to get a good print from a potato! But they do have a certain charm. Hmmm, SpudPrint.

I was rather more pleased with the Fimo! I didn't even know you could still buy it; not having been tempted by mini-modelling since the last lot of hideous animal earrings I shudder to remember I made aged about 12. I was given a few blocks for my birthday last year but they had languished in a drawer until yesterday when, having bought some more for a friend of mine, I thought I should really have a go myself. The bright primary colours are far from what I would generally choose myself, and I did stare at the blocks for a while before I could think of anything to do with the stuff. The packets helpfully suggested napkin rings (for my many many erm, napkins? As if), jewellery (not really me either, plus visions of the teenage Fimo versions), and a dolls tea set (Just No). So, what!? Probably someone out there has some great ideas of nice things to make with the stuff? In the end I made a load of beads to use as light pulls, which actually I am very pleased with and are cheering up little corners of the bathroom no end!

There's still loads of it left, so if anyone has a suggestion, I'd love to hear it!